Who does Homestead Christian Care support?
We provide assistance to adults in all stages of life - single, married, or with families.

How long can I stay with Homestead Christian Care?
You are welcome indefinitely. Staff will work with you to develop a personal recovery plan that includes goals for living arrangements.

Do I have to start in the group home or can I move directly to an apartment?
You can move directly into an apartment.  Staff will work with you to determine what works best for you.

Do I need to share a room?
No.  Our rooms are single and lockable, allowing your own private space.

How is Homestead Christian Care a Christian organization?
We are a charity with Jesus Christ as our model of compassion. We believe that spiritual health promotes physical recovery. We offer links with the Christian community and Bible studies.  However you do not need to be a Christian or attend any religious events to live in our programs.

How do I apply?
Call our office at 905-529-0454 about how to apply. You can also inquire about waiting lists. Alternatively, please download an application form.

How is Homestead Christian Care funded?
We are funded through clients' rent (geared to income), private donations and investments, fee-for-service government support, church donations, and grants.

How can I donate?
We appreciate all gifts, including regular monthly giving, single donations, bequests, seasonal contributions, and donated products and services. Please contact us to donate to Homestead and become a part of this ministry.  We can also accept donations online or by mail.

How can I volunteer with Homestead Christian Care?
Volunteers are vital to our ministry. We welcome assistance in facility maintenance, driving, cooking classes, office work, and a host of other opportunities. Please see our Volunteer page for more  information or to apply.  You can also contact us if you would like to become involved with the life of Homestead Christian Care.

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