McMaster School of Nursing

Our leadership and engagement with communities inspire people to choose nursing and McMaster.

We strengthen the contribution of nursing to the improvement of   health for all, locally to internationally, through the discovery, communication   and application of knowledge.

In our teaching, research, scholarship, administration and   practice, we value:

Innovation  We encourage   exploration of new ideas and strategies to create successful and sustainable   change.

Integrity   We are accountable for   acting in a reflective, honest and principled way, informed by evidence and   expertise.

Person-Centredness  We model the   respectful recognition of, and respond to, human uniqueness and diversity.

Social Justice   We strive to   promote equity through advocacy and pursuit of justice.

Problem-based learning  We foster   intellectual curiosity and critical thinking in an organizational culture   conducive to self-direction, collaboration, and life-long learning.

Collaborative Partnerships  We establish and sustain effective, dynamic relationships, sharing insights,   skills, knowledge and resources to attain mutual   goals.



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